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Welcome to Cupiid Radio

This a Live Podcast Where I will Be Dropping someof the Best of
 Psydub,Downtempo,Funk & Trap

Every Wendesday
 & Friday
Times: 2pm - 4pm

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Hello And Welcome 

My Name is Cupiid 20 Year old DJ From Detriot,MI Now in South Fl.

I started out Djing back in 2008 when i was still in High school. Had Begin starting out doing Latin Music at house partys & begin finding myself to like

Electronic music after I heared Downlink. Then was the start of a Beautiful thing DRUM & BASS Was doing D&B for a few years wanted to switch up a                                    lil which is when Trap had come out & being a black kid from Detroit Grow                                    up with Hip-hop.

                          Trap had come Easy like Riding a Bike, Also Having a musical family help me                               come to Learn the basic's of reading music notes & counting beats. Im now starting                      to Learn how to make my own tracks & shall have my first EP out by Xmas. Hope you all enjoy this Website and all the Glitch Hop that comes with it .